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What to do in Tbilisi Around Us

Tbilisi is a great place to hang out, discover it's hidden gems and experience living like a local. From the local supermarkets to guiding you where to drink the best coffee in the neighbourhood we hope you'll find this guide below helpful.

Best Coffee in Tbilisi


Where can you drink the best coffee in Tbilisi around us? Check out our top 3 favorite coffee shops near Aghmashebeli Avenue and why we love them. READ HERE


Where to eat in Tbilisi

Check out best cafes and restaurants to eat in Tbilisi around our apartments.  READ HERE

Shopping & Supermarkets in Tbilisi 


Where to do your grocery shopping in Tbilisi around you, from local bakery to supermarkets and the local farmers market READ HERE

Fun Tbilisi


Best clubs in Tbilisi and how to have fun in bars around you. READ MORE

Wellness & Gyms in Tbilisi


Gyms in Tbilisi, yoga studios and more READ MORE to see best places to stay fit while living in Tbilisi.


Museums & Theatres in Tbilisi  

Some of the best theatres in Tbilisi are a short walking distance away. READ MORE to see our best picks.

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