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Available June 2023... 
A New Private Home With A Garden 
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In 2013 we opened up our first apartment in Tbilisi for bookings. It was nowhere close to be ready and when it was ready it was rough and ready. We finished it at a later date (in fact it took us 2 years to buy a washing machine guests had to use my mother's washing machine in the yard, luckily everyone used to find it to be cute;). Fast forward to 2023. We decided to open a new one. The difference is our current Tbilisi apartments are all in one beautiful shared ezo or yard. Our new rental is a full house with its very own private ezo or yard.


But like all others we are opening it for rental in June 2023 after our phase one renovation. This means it’ll have everything you need and more.


Phase one also means it isn’t the finished project as we want it. This is a wonderful place, extremely private and very very authentic Georgian. We know you’ll love it. Now the photos. We don’t have any because as I write to you it’s still being done.


So here are the  photos (Follow us on Instagram to check out more pictures) but be assured we are replacing everything. It’ll have all the usual things you need.



We are excited to be bringing to the market in Tbilisi this unique private house with a garden and magnificent city views in the heart of Old Tbilisi.


Our new home, Baitshi, means at home, at ease, we hope this is exactly how you’ll feel when you stay in our new Tbilisi home.


Located in the heart of old Tbilisi, Bait-shi is a truly unique private home in Tbilisi. A 2-story private detached house, with a private garden and a clear window view that reveals the sun setting behind Tbilisi every day. A very short walk down the hill takes you to the heart of all major tourist attractions of Tbilisi, and at the same time offers you plenty to discover behind the streets of Old Tbilisi.


This beautiful private home in Tbilisi is ideal for a family moving to Tbilisi, expats in Tbilisi, a group of traveling friends in Tbilisi, Georgia, or if you simply love having a big, private space.


A home includes:

  • 3 bedrooms (ACCESS TO 2 BEDROOMS UNTIL Autoumn)

  • 2 living rooms  (ACCESS TO 1 UNTIL Autoumn)

  • Study /office room

  • A good size kitchen dining room

  • Large private garden

  • Balcony

  • Fully fitted kitchen

  • Bathroom

  • Parking


We aim to have the house ready for your early summer 2023. Please contact us to make an enquiry and register your interest.


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Tamara and Alan

PS. In the meantime also check our other Tbilisi apartments here.

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