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Tbilisi Covid 19 and your visit our response

Dear guests,


Travelling to Tbilisi in times of Covid uncertainty? We wanted to update and reassurance how we are responding to the new health guidelines so that you can feel safer when you arrive in Citizen Tbilisi.

Enhanced Cleaning 


We take cleaning serious, always have done and I just wanted to reassure you that before you arrive your apartment will be fully cleaned, sanitized including door handles and everything you may need to touch.


You will also find in the apartment Multi-surface cleaners, Disinfectant wipes or spray, Antibacterial hand sanitizer, extra soap, and an emergency face mask.


As each apartment has individual entrance you should feel even safer in perfect isolation but do say hello to our friendly neighbors and fellow travelers when you see them!


Should you require self-isolation our apartments are suitable as each apartment has own entrance, as well as private outdoor space. You must let you know in advance to check how we can help you remain in self-isolation and have your essentials delivered. Additional fees may apply. 

Check-in and check out procedures 


We aim self check in and check out. In your welcome email we will send you the instructions how to do so. Should you need assistance from the host, please maintain at least 2-meter distance.  

Booking and reservations

Please only book your travel if you know you can enter the country. If however new regulations come into effect and your travel will have to be cancelled, please let us know ASAP and we will do what we can to rearrange your booking at no extra charge. 


If you have any questions regarding Covid and Tbilisi travel do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay Safe

Citizen Tbilisi 

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