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Just Arrived? Where To Have Your First Breakfast And Coffee in Tbilisi [PODCAST]

You just arrived in Tbilisi. Where to have your first breakfast and coffee in Tbilisi? We recorded a short podcast for you, I hope you'll enjoy it. Welcome to Tbilisi!

Here are some of the coffee places we mentioned near Marjanishvili and New Aghmashenebeli area.

Where to drink best brewed coffee and which cafes to visit to feel like a local around Aghmashenebeli Avenue near Citizen Tbilisi. Well, coffee has always been a way of life for Tbilitians, but recently Tbilisi has been fine-tuning the coffee culture from the traditional Turkish coffee experience to freshly brewed espresso, these coffee shops are our guide to drinking coffee in Tbilisi and especially around our apartments near Aghmashenebeli Avenue.

1. Entrée

Entree Cafe in Tbilisi Aghmashnebeli

Photo source:

We have our breakfast and morning coffee here when we are in Tbilisi because the food is great, bakery is divine and the coffee is refreshingly fresh. When it's warm sit outside and watch the world go by, you will love it.

Best for: Morning coffee & breakfast.

The nearest branch around CitizenTbilisi: 86 David Aghmashenebeli Avenue

2. Luca Polare

Cafe in Tbilisi

Photo source:

This is a great place to grab your cup of coffee. The nearest branch around us is also just a couple of minutes away from our Old Tbilisi Apartments. The place tends to be quieter sometimes, which is perfect if you like to work or simply want to enjoy extra space.

Best for: Really tasty ice-cream

The nearest branch around CitizenTbilisi: 125 David Aghmashenebeli Avenue


3. MacDonalds coffee, yes, you read it right

Mcdonalds Marjanishvili

Photo source: CitizenTbilisi

Now, under any circumstances I do not visit the Golden Arches, but it is different in Tbilisi. You really have to see to believe it. Although the food and drinks are what you'd expect, the atmosphere is rather different. So if you want something more familier, just order your favorite cup of coffee, go and find a seat upstairs on the terrace and enjoy watching the world go by, you will love it.

Best for: Cup of coffee and the city view from the top terrace

Nearest branch around CitizenTbilisi: Marjanishvili Square



4. Fabrika

Photo source: FabrikaTbilisi Facebook

Probably the coolest and the hippiest place in Tbilisi right now, Fabrika is a converted old Soviet Sewing Factory that is just cool. It's also only a 10 minute walk from CitizenTbilisi, making it our favorite place to hang out.

Best for: Looking cool. Cool vibe, drinks, co-working hub space, meeting people

Address: 8 Egnate Ninoshvili

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