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A souvenir from Tbilisi, Georgia that is not a bottle of Georgian wine

Updated: May 31, 2023

Souvenirs in Tbilisi that is not another fridge magnet or Georgian wine

Me and my husband got married in New York in 2015, it was September, it was hot. The day we were getting married we completely forgot about the traffic, and by the time we thought about NY traffic it was a little late. We had to jump out of the taxi that was taking us to the City Hall and run about 2 miles to make it on time to the City  Hall. At 3.43 we barely made it to our own ceremony (the last admission was strictly at 3.45) I wore a pink skirt and rock-n-roll boots, we both were sweating, faces red, it was great....

Anyways, when we visited to Tbilisi for the first time as husband and wife, my best friend gave us the wedding present, and it really was the best wedding present we received - handmade dolls of our wedding adventures, the picture says it all. How cool is that? 

So if you wanted to buy yourself a memorable present from Tbilisi, Georgia that is not a fridge magnet or a bottle of wine, or you are thinking of a special person you want to treat you should check out the girl who makes those amazing dolls. I asked my friend Tamuna to send me the details for you in case you were interested, here it is, enjoy.

Tamara Machavariani Forrest-Smith

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