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Tbilisi apartments and houses to rent. We specialise in long-stay, fully furnished apartments and houses in Tbilisi. 

Family Run Hospitality Since 2013

Tbilisi Loves You

Long-Term Stay Tbilisi. Home From Home. Super Fast WIFI. Five Star Rated Hosts. Amazing Neighbours. Central Tbilisi Locations. Instant Support. Private. Fully Furnished. Genuine Tbilisi and Georgian Experience.

Your Cozy Home in Tbilisi

Citizen Tbilisi Homes

Fully Furnished Homes To Rent in Tbilisi. Includes Fast Wifi. Super Comfortable.  

Longterm Rentals in Tbilisi

Meet Your New Home in Tbilisi

New Tbilisi Stay Now Open - Baitshi

A new two-floor fully furnished private home with a gated yard and parking. Book now. Sleeps 6 - Can accommodate groups of 8. The perfect expat home away from home. 


Our Latest Property In Tbilisi