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4 Reasons Why You Should Spend Christmas in Tbilisi Georgia

Do you want to spend Christmas in Tbilisi Georgia? Or do you want to discover alternative ways to spend Christmas?

Here’s the reason why you will love spending time over Christmas in Tbilisi!

  1. Christmas like no other! Christmas lights so spectacular, walk down Rustaveli Avenue to enjoy the most festive lights, a Christmas tree bigger than the Parliament Building itself on Rustaveli Avenue. Walk through Old Tbilisi streets, including New Aghmashenebeli to enjoy the festive vibe and Christmas fairs!

  2. Have a Christmas meal experience so different from traditional dining. Experience five different types of Khachapuri, Khinkali dumplings, Walnuts, and spices. In other words, if you want a different and unique dining experience over Christmas, a Christmas meal will be unique in Tbilisi.

3. Wine! If you like a glass of wine Georgia is famous for its 8000 years of wine-making experience, which is older than any other place on the planet. Don’t forget to try, Georgia’s very famous orange-coloured wine said to be the best amber nectar from the Gods. ;)

4. Christmas on the 25th of December doesn’t feel like Christmas in Tbilisi but you know it’s Christmas so if you still want Christmas but you don’t want to feel that you’re under pressure by everything, it is the perfect place for a family, the perfect place for friends and the perfect place for meeting people for dinner, shopping, Christmas markets and to truly experience alternative Christmas you will remember forever.

Have a wonderful Christmas in Tbilisi, Georgia

Tamara from Citizen Tbilisi

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