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  • Tamara Machavariani Forrest-Smith

22 Cool Places Near Aghmashenebeli Avenue (near our apartments) within 15 minutes Walk

Here are my favorite places near our apartments Aghmashebelie to eat, shop, and have fun. I chose these places as you can walk to these places within pretty much 15 minutes walk.

In no particular order...

1. Shavi Lomi - Must eat place, a proper behind the streets secret gem - about 15 minutes walk from our apartments.

2. Barbarestan - A Georgian restaurant that comes highly recommended - 2 minutes walk

3. Fabrika for co-working, drinks, events & burger place - Sometimes you just want a burger and chips, they do it well - About 10 minutes to walk

4. Entree on Marjanishvili - Perfect breakfast/lunch and coffee place - about 7 minutes to walk

5. McDonalds - Really? yes, when you really want something predictable - about 7 minutes to walk

6. Marjanishvili Metro - To help you get around - about 7 minutes to walk

7. Luca Polare on Aghmashenebeli- For a tasty ice-cream and coffee - about 5 minutes to walk

8. Champions Academy - A fully equipped gym over 4 floors - about 5 minutes to walk

9. Carrefour - A large supermarket - about 10 minutes to walk

10. Fresco - A large supermarket - about 15 minutes to walk

11. Marjanishvili street for farmers fruit and veg and cheap and yami fast street food - about 7 minutes

12. Bassiani Club - Night club for one of those nights - about 15 minutes to walk

13. Dinamo Football Stadium - In case there is Man United playing against Georgian Team ;) that's where you'd want to be - about 15 minutes to walk

14. Marjanishvili Theatre for creative nights - about 10 minutes to walk

15. Main Central Station - about 10 minutes to walk

16. Dry Bridge Flea Market - about 15 minutes to walk

17. Aghmashenebeli Avenue for leisurely stroll and authentic Old Tbilisi architecture - from 2 minutes

18. Strada for food, drinks and live music on Marjanishvili Street - About 10 minutes to walk

19. Antiques on Tsinamdzghvrishvili - love quirky and unique finds? Don't skip - just 5 minutes walk from the apartment

20. Handmade souvenirs Estia - They will create something quirky and unique while you browse the shop for that perfect souvenir gift from Tbilisi - About 10 minutes walk

21. Cave Yoga - When you need to look after your mind, body and spirit - About 10 minutes walk

22. Eco Cafe on Aghmashenebeli, a place to eat and drink - About 10 minutes walk.

I hope you'll find these places helpful and inspiring, enjoy Tbilisi


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