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Three day trip ideas from Tbilisi

Local tourism is opening in Georgia, three places I would visit

As the local tourism is opening up in Georgia and you are already in Tbilisi you can start travelling from June 15th. My mother did not even wait for that, she drove to her friends house in the mountains, I don't blame her, so if you also can do with a little get away there are 3 places I would go right now.

1. If you want to go somewhere not too far from Tbilisi check out Old Armazi (Dzveli Armazi) near Mtskheta. It's an outdoor restaurant with wonderful views of river Aragvi, it's about 20-30 minute drive from the capital. If I went there tomorrow I would order Lobio (beans) in clay pot and Corn bread ;) If beans are not your cup of tea, there are of course plenty of other options. Sometimes all we need is some fresh air and good food.

2. If you want to enjoy a day trip visit Uplistikhe Cave town. It's near Gori and only about 60 minute drive from Tbilisi (that's Alan in the picture in Uplistikhe in 2013). I am not sure how much coverage this archeological gem gets these days, but I feel it might be a little unreported. So do your research about the town and places around it and plan your trip, you will love it.  

3. Want to get away from it all for at least one night? I'd head over to Kakheti. There is something special about Kakheti, might be the magistic Caucasus maountains, or the wine, but it trully is a special place. I would go to Kvareli Lake Resourt. It's a great place to switch off and recharge your senses. Do your research I think you'll love it.

I hope this is helpful, but I am happy to give you more ideas if you have anything specific in mind, don't hesitate to aks.

Tamara from Citizen Tbilisi

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